Imports and Exports

Imports and Exports

To learn how imports and exports work in Deno, see Deno's documentation on ECMAScript Modules (opens in a new tab).

🦕 The high-level takeaways are:

  • Deno uses the ECMAScript 6 import/export standard
  • Deno uses browser-like module resolution, meaning that file names must be specified in full (including the file extension)
  • You can import remote modules with just a URL. There is no package.json file.
  • You can import most NPM modules via Deno-friendly CDNs. See documentation on "npm via CDNs" (opens in a new tab).

In Zipper, you can add files to your applet that do not export a handler function. Doing this treats these files as library files which you can import in other files within the same applet.

Remote imports

As mentioned above, remote modules can be imported from a URL. The most foolproof way to import a package is via (opens in a new tab). If the package you're looking for doesn't exist on, there are a number of Deno-friendly CDNs that you can use to import NPM modules (such as (opens in a new tab)). If you hit any issues importing a package, contact Zipper to let us know.

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