Zipper provides basic, built-in key-value storage. Each applet has its own unique storage instance. Forked applets each have their unique storage instance too.

To access your applet storage, use the global.


getAll returns an object with all the keys and values in storage. If there is nothing in storage, it returns null.

const everything = await;


get returns the stored value for a given key. You do not need to worry about unserializing. If the key has not been set, get will return null.

const singleValue = await'some_key_name');

You can also cast objects:

const myStringArray = await<string[]>('some_key_name');


set sets a key with a given value. You do not need to worry about serializing. The method will take care of that for you.

await'some_key_name', { foo: 'bar' });


delete deletes a key-value pair for a given key.

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