Zipper also has basic key value storage built-in. Each applet has its own unique storage instance, and it will not go with you when you fork an app. You can use it using the global.


Get’s all the storage keys and values.

const everything = await;

Returns null if there is nothing in storage. Otherwise, it returns an object with all the keys and values.


Get a storage key by value. You do not need to worry about unserializing. If the key hasn't been set, it'll return null.

const singleValue = await'some_key_name');

You can also cast objects if you like:

const myStringArray = await<string[]>('some_key_name');


Set a key. You do not need to worry about serializing, it will do that for you.

await'some_key_name', { foo: 'bar' });


Deleting by key name also works.

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