What You Can Build

What You Can Build

Zipper has many use cases. Let's explore some of the more popular ones.

Integration services

Zipper is great for building integration services. Integration services take data from one place and send it to another. What does it look like to use Zipper applets for integration services? You could...

  • Fetch data on a regular schedule
  • Listen for and handle webhooks
  • Manipulate the information you receive
  • Combine received information with other sources, and then send it to another service via an API

For tools like Zendesk, you can embed entire Zipper UIs into its UI.


  • Reacting to GitHub events
  • Building custom Slack or Discord bots
  • Sending data to a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot

Internal applications

Zipper makes it simple to spin up internal web applications for your team. These can either help get work done or just make work more enjoyable. With Zipper, some of the tools your applications could provide are:

  • Dashboards for internal systems
  • A way to CRUD data
  • A mechanism to run scripts


  • A way to manage your team's on-call schedule
  • A feature flagging system
  • An incident management bot


And of course, Zipper is a great fit for building microservices, which are services that are small and focused on doing one thing well. With Zipper applets, you can migrate specific services out of your core product to become their own microservices. This will help reduce complexity and give teams outside of engineering more control over how these services work.


  • A service that uses AI to summarize information
  • A service that manages onboarding communications
  • A service that captures and analyzes customer feedback
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